Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Olympics

What is not to absolutely love about the Olympics! They had everything from women in tights to super-human drama in the swimming pool. I was riveted to the television the whole week. The opening ceremonies were unbelievably elegant and artistic, and some of the stories about the athletes were heart-warming and tail wagging.

I have to admit I didn't comprehend everything. For instance, in a lot of events they kept talking about heats. Now where I come from "heat" must have a whole different meaning (hubba hubba baby) so I was a little lost at times.

I am not sure I understand why the Women's Beach Volleyball uniforms are the size of a nickel and the Men's Beach Volleyball uniforms aren't. Unless of course you aren't there to really watch the volleyball, in which case, I understand perfectly.

I have decided to start training for the next Olympics. There must be at least one event I could excel in. I am narrowing it down to two events, the "High Jump" and "Fence Climb". The High Jump training will begin with the very next person who walks in the door.

Too bad barking isn't an Olympic sport. I would be certain to bring home the gold for that.


PS I have to give a shout out to the Lopez family who competed in TaeKwonDo, bringing home a Silver and two Bronze medals.