Friday, May 15, 2009

The Defiant Dandilion

Has come to town
With a green petticoat
And a yellow crown.

Did I mention it is Spring? Did I mention that when Spring arrives, the lawn is green, is instantly in need of mowing and weeds abound, especially dandilions?

One day there was snow on the ground, the next day there they were, deceptively pretty, pretending to welcome Spring with a plethora of yellow flowers. Oh sure, we are all happy to see some color, any color, after a very long, cold, gray winter.

I, for one, like to see the yellow petals turn to the downy white powder puff of seeds. It is fun to run through the yard, jumping over and through the clusters of dandilions and watch the seeds waft in the wind.

However, the artist isn't so fond of the sight. In fact she has had an on-going battle with one particular cluster of dandilions.

It all started innocent enough. Just a tiny yellow flower peaking through the long grass. The artist didn't have a lot of time, so the first weekend she figured that mowing and cutting the head off should be a temporary fix.

But no, that little sucker ducked down as the mower passed by and popped right back up, sticking out its tongue (phbtttttttt) as she made the next pass. The following morning the weed was four inches taller and two inches wider.

The following Saturday the artist decided to try Weed-B-Gone to take care of the weed. But no-o, Weed-B-Gone only made it angry. The next morning the dandilion was six inches taller, five inches wider and defiant.

Another week goes by and the artist figures *now* the mower will work. But no-o-o, the sneaky pest decided to bloom right next to the ground where the blades of the mower couldn't reach. There it stood the following morning, a foot tall, eight inches wide, eleven stalks topped with white seeds threatening to be released at the slightest hint of a breeze.

What to do? There is now a behemoth dandilion growing in the yard and it is going to replicate until the whole yard is assimilated. The artist has a plan, the ultimate weapon against a strong opponent, a shovel and a little elbow grease. Die daffy down dandy, die! Until next Spring that is.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Dog

It is Spring.
The sun is finally out.
The Humans are happy.
All is well in my world.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone, have a Fiesta to celebrate!