Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Nose knows

I can't help it...I have to follow my nose, it isn't my fault...really. I was born with a superior sniffer.

Every day I walk my humans. Spencer takes the photographer and I take the artist. I have to keep them on a tether so they don't get distracted and run off. We walk, we talk. I, being so much closer to the ground, spend a lot of my time smelling. Oh wonderful smells, delicious smells, outstandingly beautiful smells.

I have been trying to train the photographer to feed on command. I stand and wait, the human calls, I come running and when I arrive, the photographer gives me a biscuit. Most of the time we get it right. (Oh sure I let Spencer help just so he can have a treat too.)

Occasionally, just occasionally, I get sidetracked by the smells. I want the treat, the photographer has been trained to give me a treat, but occasionally the smells get in the way of my path to the treat. Oh wonderful smells, delicious smells, outstandingly beautiful smells.

In fact if you were to see me, it is like my two sets of feet don't even talk to each other. I'll be headed toward the photographer, mouth watering and tongue lolling. I'll get a scent of something and while my back feet keep going, my front feet take a detour. But the nose always wins and I go find my smell.

I guess our next training session, I might work on having the photographer bring the treat to me.