Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fall, You have let me down.

Dear Fall 2015,
Let me begin by telling you how much I love you.  The colors you bring into my life; the cool, crisp mornings and warm afternoons; the lovely smells of autumn, all make you my favorite time of year.

You have one very important job, one at which you failed miserably in 2015.  It is you who conducts us gently from the humid warmth of summer to the harsh cold of winter.  You are suppose to be here as a buffer between summer and winter so everyone gets used to the idea that we are moving from suffocating in the heat of summer to freezing our tushes off in the depth winter.

What the heck happened here?  You have hung on for way too long, you keep showing up in the middle of what should be a cold snap and then disappear confusing everyone and everything from cherry trees to caterpillars.

It is cold and snowy today and I am freezing, freezing more than ever because you paid a visit last week.  I feel sorely let down by your lack of compassion.  Next year I'd really appreciate it if you'd do you job, guide us into winter, linger a little, then let go and wait your turn.

And if you could talk to Spring about arriving a little early or at least on time, I'd really be happy.

Your faithful friend,