Friday, February 27, 2009

A song for Scuttle

Hey! Someone really cool, Pete Dowan, wrote to me after reading my blog about Jenny.

Once upon a time Pete was the human for a dog named Scuttle. Don't you think that a dog named Scuttle would have to be just about the coolest dog in town? I am betting that Scuttle had so much personality that it just oozed.

Anyway, Pete wrote a song for Scuttle and asked me if I would like to give a listen.
Of course I had to figure out how to fit those ear thingys (that is a very technical term don'cha know) over my floppy down ears, but it was well worth the effort.

The song is sweet and so is the story behind it. Not only that, Pete did a pretty good job of singing and recording it (even though I think a couple of good ole' hound dog howls would have made it better, but that is just me).

Pete, his story, and the song for Scuttle can be found on Pete's MySpace page (

Thanks Pete, you and Scuttle are a real inspiration.