Friday, June 17, 2011

How Novel!

Are you just hanging out this summer with nothing to do?

Then may I suggest you hie yourself to the nearest library and sign up for the summer reading program.

For one thing it is cool. I mean they probably have air conditioning and there is nothing like sucking up someone else's cool air in summer.

For another thing it is cool. I mean there is nothing cooler in attitude than getting educated. Don't you like being smarter? There is no place like the library to get smarter in the summer.

And another thing is that it is cool. I mean the library has all kinds of cool things to do; computers, movies, books on tape, and books, loads and loads of all kinds of cool books. There is no place to do cool things in the summer like the library. PLUS during the summer reading program there are usually some pretty cool prizes. How cool is that?!

So, tell me, what is your favorite book? I have several favorites but one I really, really love is titled "My Life in Dog Years", by Gary Paulsen. You just gotta get it and spend some quality time reading. You will laugh, you will cry, you will want to run out and get a dog just like me.

Here are some URL's for several area libraries where you can get information on their summer reading programs. Now you have no excuse.

Stay Cool!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Garmin gods must be laughing

So these days almost everybody has given up paper maps and have some sort of electronic device that tells them where to go and how to get there. I suppose the transition is much like the giving up the sextant.

Of course we have to have the latest and greatest in technology so most trips we take, long and short, are directed by a Garmin Nuvi. And what could be simpler? You type in the address and the nice lady,an all knowing; all seeing; navigational guru gives step by step directions on how to get from point A to point B. She also nicely points out at every single exit off the highway that we should "stay left".

AND if we should by chance need to take a break of some sort (you know eating, peeing, or eating) the *nice* lady patiently says she is "recalculating" as if we were some sort of recalcitrant teenager. All of which is fine because eventually (after eating, peeing, or eating) we get right back on track and happily following her directions to our destination.

However, lately our really nice Garmin Guru has been leading us in circles, literally giving directions that caused us to drive in a big circle. Seriously, the instructions were: Turn left, continue two blocks, turn left, continue two blocks, turn left, continue two blocks, arriving at destination. (Oh, and the voice of the guru sounds so very proud of us when we manage to follow her instructions and actually make it to where we wanted to go.)

So I figure there must be a group of Garmin gods sitting around someplace just thinking up ways they can mis-direct us just to see if we'll follow and then rolling with laughter at our confusion. The kicker is we keep right on following the navigational guru's directions.

I am all for keeping up with the latest technology, and will continue to use the Garmin for directions. But I think from now on there will be a paper map in the vehicle too just in case the Garmin gods continue to use us for their own entertainment. Besides paper can always be put to good use in other ways especially if a detour is needed to eat, pee, or eat. At least a paper map doesn't have to recalculate.