Friday, November 4, 2011

Jeff Rutledge's new show

Discover Your Inner Child, a place peace never left. 

Dayton artist Jeff Rutledge explores the place of our inner child. A place where we see the world and each other through the eyes of a child. The exhibition will show through Dec. 11th.

*I am putting on my critic's hat and delving into the world or art.

I have to admit a slight prejudice as my photographer has known Jeff Rutledge for a pretty long time.  In fact, if you go to the show and see a picture of a (much) younger Jeff you'll get a fairly good idea of how old Jeff was when he and David met.  I have no idea how long that might be in dog years!

Another small prejudice I might have is about the Missing Peace Art Space, a charming and cozy space that has done an outstanding job in creating a comfortable atmosphere in which to display art.  I admit I have actually licked the face of the owner's child and it tasted really good.

 Most people probably know Jeff for his sculpture, and this show has plenty of that, but the walls are covered with Jeff's bright paintings full of whimsical and textured imagery.

Make a point to go see this exhibit, you'll be glad you did.

Missing Peace Art  S p a c e
234 S. Dutoit St
Dayton OH 45402-2215

(937) 241-4353
U.S. registered 501c3 nonprofit under the
Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace (UFWP).
(about us)





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